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Get a better understanding of the purpose of HI Cards and how they can improve your childrens performance.

About HI Cards

Pick A Suit, Pick A Card.

Get a better understanding of the purpose of HI Cards and how they can improve your childrens performance.

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Discover The Entertaining Self-Help Tool Children Can Use To Independently Deal With Their Emotions

(HI) Higher Intelligence Card Deck

Professionally developed and tested children’s “Self-Help” tool that gives children the opportunity to connect with their own intuition, gain insights into their feelings and questions, while having fun in the process.

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The HI Cards are simple enough for a child’s perception of the world, yet sophisticated enough for their immense curiosity, which demands challenge and stimulation.

How Does It Work?

Children Have A Depth Of Feeling And Intuition

Children emotions are truly authentic, yet they do not always know how to best deal with them.

While they have a vibrant sense of life and experience awe over the smallest things, they often struggle with everyday questions and  do not always know where to turn for help.

Truly Effective!

Higher Intelligence Cards is a tool that children can use independently to deal with their emotions, create an inner dialouge, fell understood and recieve direction and support.

Vivid Illustration

Non-Readers Will Be Enchanted By The outstanding Art

Positive Messages

Enhance Happiness

Easy To Read

Understanding Each Card Will Be No Task


Simple Enough For A Child’s Perception Of The World

Sophisticated Enough

Sophisticated Enough For Their Immense Curiosity


Children Can Develop Academic-Readiness Skills

Extremely Entertaining

Presents Ground-Breaking, Fun, Self-Help Tool, Created From 25 Years Of Extensive Development And Testing

Ready For An Enticing, Yet Helpful Card Deck Designed Exclusively For Children?

Explore and learn more about (HI) Higher Intelligence Card Decks, and see how they can benefit you and your loved ones.

Provide Proven Psychotherapy Methods

Utilizes Proven Psychotherapy Methods Children Would Experience In Actual Counseling Sessions

Develop New Skills

Children Can Develop Skills For Self-Acceptance And Self-Improvement Includes Stress Management, Anger Control, Social Skills And Self-Talk

Numerous Games And Strategies

Includes Numerous Entertaining Games For Individuals Or Group Play that Develop Logical Thinking And Intuitive Skills

Allow Childern To Connect

Children Can Quickly Connect With Their Own Subconcious, Intuition And Values

Recieve Answers

Children Can Explore Their Feelings And Find Many Of Their Own Answers To Life’s Questions

Higher Intelligence Card Deck Is Not Only Portable And Helpful, But Also

Let’s Begin Building The Foundation Of Your Child’s Self-Awareness and Self-Improvement